February 23, 2018
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Indecision is the key to flexibility.

Welcome to OfficeElf Website Design.

OfficeElf has been creating affordable, inviting, user friendly and award winning websites for organizations, individuals and businesses since 1992. We specialize in truly affordable sites whose content can be fully maintained by the site owner.

Our goal is to give you a site that reflects who you are and what you want to do at a price you can truly afford. Visit our portfolio page and look through the sites featured there. Contact our clients and see what they say. For information on how our services can save you money, read this.

If you would like more information and/or a free price estimate for a package that will work for you, contact us! We're always delighted to help people realize how beneficial and inexpensive a website can be!

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Focus . . .
Website designers and programmers are constantly making choices, and the sites we design and program reflect those choices.

Nothing in the world of programmers is static. We are constantly adding to our store of knowledge and improving our tools, techniques and scripts. We are constantly learning in an effort to keep our skills sharp and knowledge up to date.

Not all the time we spend learning results in tools we can use. There's no way to know if the time we spend learning a new trick or technique is an interesting side trip or something of value for our clients. And there's no magic formula for how much time we should spend on a new idea or technique before deciding to abandon the attempt or embrace the approach.

In website design there is a vast array of methods and practices in which we can choose to be specialists or generalists. There is a plethora of languages available to us. Most website programmers are proficient in more than one language. Most have a working knowledge of html, css, php, mysql and javascipt. This is only a handful of the languages available.

Because programmers are individuals, we each develop our own style of information organization and website development. Two programmers can produce pages which look identical, yet they may have gotten to that result on completely different paths. The programming producing the page is the personal language each programmer speaks. It's partly a matter of style, partly a matter of knowledge and wholly related to our vision and experience.

Since we first started building websites, how we program has evolved. In the beginning we programmed websites in html only. As languages change, we learned and grew. We progressed to organizing data into database tables and using php. As time passed our skills and abilities improved, the internet grew and we started writing scripts to allow our clients to manage their own information. Our next generation of evolution was generalized scripts that worked for any table and any client. Our sites became more robust with tighter coding. Each increase in our knowledge and ability made our job easier, improved our clients' access and saved our clients money.

Things are changing at a rapid pace, improving for everyone. Life is good.

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