February 23, 2018
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Someone once said . . .
No man or woman who tries to pursue an ideal in his or her own way is without enemies.
Daisy Bates (1863-1951)
Bonus tip!

Rather than setting someone else's website as your homepage, develop your own page that has things that are useful to you. It doesn't have to be the homepage of your website, it can be a handy links page for all the links you use all the time. Look at ours. We've got a calendar, our quick links for taking care of our business and volunteer work, weather stations for where we are in the US and technical links for bookmarks we don't want to lose even if our personal computers crash.

This kind of page is easy to do. Our is a little more technical than it needs to be, but what do you expect from a programmer?

So here are some ideas for what you can include in a personal bookmarks/homepage.

  • Weather Underground weather station. You can see at a glance what the weather is, and it provides a link to your local weather.
  • A clock. There are a number of embed able clocks. ClockLink is one, but there are many. Do a search for embed clock and you've find a whole list of sites that provide a clock you can embed in your page.
  • A calendar. Google has a calendar you can embed. So do other sites. Do a search for embed calendar.
  • Links you use all the time. You can see by looking at our bookmarks page links can be really helpful.
  • A news ticker. There are news tickers available that allow you to tailor the news you get to the type of news you want. Google embed news.
  • Joke of the day. There aren't as many sites that provide an embed for this, but they do exist.

You can see there are lots of things you could stick in a page of your own that would improve your day/internet experience.

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