February 23, 2018
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OfficeElf has the experience and a proven record of producing quality sites!

Because each of our sites is individually hand coded, our sites load faster, look cleaner and have fewer compatibility issues.

At OfficeElf, our goal is a fast loading, universally compatible, attractive, individually unique and inviting site for each of our clients.

Someone once said . . .
It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them.
P. G. Wodehouse (1881-1975)
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What makes us different than other website designers? Lots! We want our clients to have an attractive, functional, professional looking site. And we don't want our clients tied to a site too expensive to maintain! What makes us different?
  • We keep domain name renewal and hosting amazingly affordable. Our yearly fees covering hosting and domain registration are lower than any other company offering comparable services.
  • We give our clients the tools to keep their website updated. We're available if a client needs something new or different or doesn't want to update their own site, but we set everything up so the client can easily do the site updating.
  • We specialize in smart organization. If the organization of the site is right, the upkeep's a breeze and well within the owners abilities!
  • We don't use templates. We strive to make each site unique to the client, not a copy of someone else's site.
  • We practice "slim coding". No extraneous bulk or fat, no unnecessarily repeated coding. We aim for fast loading sites in the smallest footprint possible.
  • We never bill for our learning curve. While we've done a lot of interesting things, new stuff is always around the corner. If you want something we haven't done, we'll figure it out on our time, not yours.

We've found the best course for us, and those who use our service, is an OfficeElf built owner maintained site. Owner maintainance save the client money. An OfficeElf coded site has the best of everything, truly reflects the needs of the owner and is easy to maintain. We take on the technical challenges, leaving our clients to do the part they do best, the content! That's the OfficeElf goal, an attractive, functional and affordable site. Just ask our clients!

Here are a few of our current clients. Please notice no two sites look alike. Each site is unique and reflects the needs, desires and personality of the owner(s).

Each title and screen shot is linked to the site it references. Please feel free to visit our clients!

Grass Mountain Farm

Grass Mountain Farm is a small privately owned farm in Washington state. The owners use the site as a showcase for the site owner's driving, a place to list items or animals for sale and a location for the event calendar for other Northwest drivers.

  • HTML
  • PHP/MySQL menus and content
  • Photo Gallery
  • Calendar info is pulled from another site

I have had the pleasure of having OfficeElf establish and monitor my website for many years.    They have always done a very thorough job, and are quite conscientious about the 'little' things I look for when I visit other sites; ie. misspelling, punctuation and alignment.    They have always followed through quickly when I have come up with any concerns.    Thank you, OfficeElf, you make my job and my business run so much easier!

Mickey Lofgren, Grass Mountain Farm

Marine Loss Surveyors

Michel-Christen Marine Surveyors are accredited marine surveyors who do damage loss assessments for the insurers of marine vessels.

The MCMS site is a tool for insurance adjustors, featuring simple divs layout with popup windows and multi-sort data.

Retaining the OfficeElf crew to setup and manage our website has been one of the best business decisions we have made. Our business is very dependent upon maintaining a professional and active website. OfficeElf has provided extremely prompt service, accurate advice, terrific suggestions and a secure site for our business over many years. The OfficeElf “white-glove” level of service is most difficult to find in the current business environment. Because OfficeElf has a very low turn-over in staff, there is no time wasted getting up to speed when a change needs to be made or a problem needs correction. The frosting for the cake are the OfficeElf extremely competitive rates. Highly recommended.

Jane Christen, AMS, CMI
Michel & Christen Marine Surveyors, Inc.
Shelton, WA

Caber Farm

Caber Farm is a commercial equine facility which offers training, schooling and two and three day combined training events.

The website provides information about the facility as well as competitor information and event results.

Ride times and event results are php/mysql database driven from data uploaded by the event secretary.

  • SSI menu and footer files
  • PHP and PHP menu
  • Online volunteer registration and confirmation

Marine Surveyor’s Lexicon

Surveyor’s Lexicon is a php/mysql database driven searchable dictionary/encyclopedia of more than 2000 marine terms. This utility is intended for use by marine surveyors.

  • MySQL generated content
  • PHP and PHP menu
  • Search utility
  • Input and image upload utility

Gore Paper

Oblate and Prolate Elliptical Gore Development paper.

  • PHP menu

Camptown Harness

Camptown Harness is a harness manufacturer with an online store. The site features mysql generated content, a shopping cart and full admin to allow the site owner to manage the site content.

Lamphere's House

The Lamphere's documentary on the original plans for a passive solar monolithic barrel vault home.

Nori's House

Wordpress blog site for the Lamphere’s newest house plans.

Noris Stuff

Wordpress site for Nori's quilting, gardening and pets.

It’s All About Donna

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